We are happy to offer video programs for kids (9-12 program and 12+ program) right here at NCTV! Our programs are run through Norfolk Recreation and teach a variety of skills in production from beginning to end. The kids get to do it all, be camera people, talent, directors, audio designers, and so much more! We teach a variety of courses including stop-motion animation, studio production, field production, and a NEW comedy skit program! Let us know what your child wants to learn to help us create future courses!

See what our February 2013 students said about our program below.


Past Programs


JULY 2016

Topic: Stop Motion Animation

We mixed up our format with this group by utilizing assigned partners, working together on one central project, and using new animation software called Dragonframe. This group did an amazing job working together and incorporating everyone's ideas into a fun, entertaining, and intriguing story! Check out the photos to the right and keep an eye out for their final video "Silver El Fuego"!



Topic: Comedy Skit Program

This group was full of giggles and great ideas! They took comedy to the next level by planning, storyboarding, scripting, filming, and editing their own comedy skit video! Check out "The News News" to the right!



Topic: Stop Motion Animation

Our August group LOVED to build with legos and created really amazing sets while they were here! They broke into two groups to create their masterpieces and had a lot of fun along the way!

Watch Ronin to the right and click the title to watch The Mine.


JULY 2015

Topic: Stop Motion Animation

Our July group was small but efficient! Thomas and Marshall got right to work creating their masterpiece and did a fantastic job! Our page will be updated with their video once it is uploaded to YouTube next week.


Topic: Stop Motion Animation

The February Break 2015 group had a blast with their stop motion projects. They worked in two groups to create highly entertaining and very well done videos that will keep you laughing throughout! 



Topic: Stop Motion Animation

Our August group had a lot of fun working with stop motion animation. Armed with their imaginations, teamwork, and a lot of patience, our 5 students put together a fantastic and hilarious stop motion animation program! Check it out to the right and look forward to another program in the future! 


JULY 2014

Topic: Field Production

For this program, we took a trip to Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary in Norfolk to film critters and experts in order to create a short promotional video. From there, the students spent two days in post production perfecting their video. They all did a great job and we will certainly run this program again in the future!



Topic: Studio Production

We had a camera shy group for our February break 2014 program so we called in two of our members to be talent while our students learned to crew for shoots. After warming up a bit, they decided to do a couple of short pieces of their own! They were a very talented bunch and did a great job. Check out the blog post for more details and links to their work!



Topic: Studio Production

Our summer group this year was excited to learn the technical aspects of video production. They learned how to work the equipment and very much enjoyed the editing software, Final Cut Pro X. They quickly became fascinated with sound effects and they learned how effects can significantly impact a production.



Topic: Studio Production

Our studio group in February learned everything they could about the studio including camera, switcher, audio, and of course, green screen!

They had a great time making parodies of shows and movies as well as creating some of their own stuff.

Check out their video "The Review Show" as well as interviews with them about how they liked our program.



Topic: Studio Production

Our October/November group worked together to script and film two shorts, Chair Jousting and Late Night with Dr. Leper! This clever crew really had a blast with the green screen and it took some serious planning to get all of the scenes to look as seamless as they do.



Topic: Studio Production

Our February group had a blast coming up with an original idea, scripting, filming, and editing their production! They made up their own game show called "Brain Fart"!


JULY 2011

Topic: Studio and Field Production

Our July 2011 group chose to split into two groups: boys vs. girls. They each produced a unique and original video with the skills and techniques they learned here at NCTV!