The little Town of Norfolk is a surprising hotspot for political activity. As much as we like to think NCTV’s artsy and creative programs are the ones our citizens want to watch, it’s clear by our YouTube view counts that the government meetings are the most important videos to our small community. Even as I write this, NCL’s Candidate’s Night has already had 87 views on YouTube in just a mere 5 days!

Although many people think we are part of the town, NCTV is actually a completely separate nonprofit organization. As an objective organization, we are happy to cover meetings and interviews with candidates for our community. We welcome the chance to help our town’s government boards achieve a higher level of transparency and documentation through the filming of their meetings. We film a number of meetings regularly (check out our extensive blog post about just that HERE) and are always open to filming additional meetings if time and resources allow, just ask!

Last year’s NCTV Volunteer of the Year, Anne Marie Battistone, has also graciously agreed to interview candidates in contested races for the past few years, on her show State & Local, to give the community a chance to learn more about them and their role in our town. Next year, NCTV plans to expand candidate coverage to include candidate statements!

The unofficial results of this year’s May 3rd local election, as reported by the Town Clerk on, is as follows:

Jason Talerman - 414
David Rosenberg - 263

Norfolk School Committee:
Thomas Doyle - 485

Planning Board:
Walter Byron - 426
Greg Damiano - 246
Jennifer West - 381

Recreation Commission:
Todd Lindmark - 504
Liza Carriero (write-in) - 22

Board of Selectmen:
James Lehan - 497 votes

Kathleen Mullineaux - 492

Mark Flaherty - 364
Daniel Fallon - 273

Board of Health:
Jeff Kane (write-in) - 14

Housing Authority:
Heidi Compagnone - 487

Library Trustee:
Kenneth Nelson - 48


Congratulations to all of the winners and feel free to click on the linked names above to see their episode of State & Local hosted by Anne Marie Battistone!

AuthorKaty Woodhams