It’s February, do you remember what you promised yourself just a month ago? We all have great intentions as we countdown to ring in the new year, but most of us have trouble sticking with our goals after the first few weeks. By February many people have given up altogether. While it may not be traditional, here are a few ways that NCTV can help you achieve some of those nearly forgotten aspirations -


1. Volunteer More
Maybe your 2018 goal was to give back to the community. Norfolk Community Television is always in search of interested volunteers. We can utilize just about any skill-set or teach you new skills! So come on down and spare an hour or two to your local public television station!


2. Learn a New Skill
As mentioned, we’re always excited to teach people new skills! Really this is usually a win-win as when someone learns how to edit, or film, or something else - they can now help NCTV create programming and spread awareness to other Norfolk residents. We’re happy to start with the basics too, so all questions are welcome. We have a variety of software; maybe you want to finally learn about Photoshop, or start a podcast - we can show you the ropes!


3. Stay Accountable by Creating a Video or Series
One of the best ways to stick with a plan is by having others hold you accountable. When you feel like someone is watching you are more likely to stick with the promise you made. So how about starting a show to prove you are keeping up with your goal! For instance, maybe your resolution was to eat healthier and exercise more. You can keep your enthusiasm for it by sharing videos of your cooking, or a new exercise. Not only will it help you stay accountable but you may inspire the people around you to join in on bettering oneself!

Have any other ideas on how to stick with your New Year’s Resolutions? Feel free to comment letting us know how you’re doing with your goals so far this year!

AuthorJen Jacobs