Do you participate with a local organization in Norfolk? Are you looking for a way to increase your presence on social media? Do you wonder whether you should be on Facebook, or Pinterest, or Instagram, or one of the many other platforms? There are tons questions about social media and the best practices, and NCTV is looking to collaborate with other nonprofits to share what we have found after analyzing our past year of metrics. We’re looking to tap into the collaborative minds of the local nonprofit base in order to strengthen the collective power of the Norfolk community.

Norfolk is a wonderful town filled with many nonprofits working to help the residents. One goal of NCTV is to help these nonprofits be heard. We help to spread awareness through the various media channels about events, and the needs of our local organizations. This year we have decided to tailor a workshop to directly inform other nonprofits of how we can help - and we’ll go to you if you want!

The workshop we will offer to other organizations will explore how to create content and then how to distribute it. We have firsthand experience as a fellow nonprofit of the need to share videos, pictures, and more in a variety of ways to keep people interested. We want to take our knowledge and share it with others, and in turn this will help create content for our local channels we manage.


If you are a member of an organization that would like to learn more about how to manage social media, from cultivating a brand to creating original videos, then we would like to meet with you! We offer a presentation that will inform about social media strategies, and we can present at our studio or at your usual meeting space. From there we want to help you get started, whether that is future meetings to plan, or creating your own video content!

Email Jen ( or Katy (, call (508-520-2780), or stop by the studio to schedule.

AuthorJen Jacobs