The new year always brings feelings of inspiration, a renewal, a fresh start! We’ve spent some time reflecting on the past and now it’s time to come up with ideas for the future. We’ve heard that people are more likely to be accountable if they share their goals with others, so here we go!


NCTV’s Resolutions

  1. To begin, we’re extremely excited to announce we are expanding! So goal number one is to successfully revamp the space, and then open it to the public with a fun grand opening party!
  2. Revitalize workshops. We’re thinking up ways to refresh the how we share information with others. As always, we are open to suggestions on content, so comment or reach out if you have ideas. For 2018 we want to focus on bringing some workshops outside of the studio and teaching on others’ turfs.
  3. More dog videos. I think that one is self explanatory.
  4. Encourage more volunteer activity. It would be awesome to see 5 new shows begin by new or existing producers over the course of the year (more than 5 would be even better, of course). The other part of this goal would include getting more volunteers to film local events, and also to serve as production help for in-studio shows.
  5. Learn some new skills; animation perhaps, adding weather widgets to the bulletins on our broadcast channels, and more fundraising and marketing strategies.

Overall we want to remain a platform for Norfolk residents to share anything they find important. For some people it’s important to share their thoughts on politics, or happenings in the world, and for others it’s sharing something they’re proud of like a performance. No matter what it is, we want you to share it with your neighbors and community, and Norfolk Community Television is here to help you do that.

Happy New Year!

AuthorJen Jacobs