Norfolk Community Television is a nonprofit organization that works to better the community. We know we aren’t the only nonprofit in town with that mission though. We have a firm belief that nonprofits should be working together and we try to give other organizations a platform to share what they offer to the town.


We offer a number of promotional opportunities to nonprofits in our area! All events or groups must be not-for-profit and no laws may be infringed upon (copyright, libel and slander, advertisements, etc.).

  1. Bulletin Board: Create a static landscape flyer for our digital bulletin board that will run in between programs as well as being uploaded to the ‘bulletin’ section of our website.

  2. Physical Flyer: Stop by with a physical flyer and we’ll gladly hang it in the left window, which is dedicated to community events and projects.

  3. Public Service Announcement (PSA): Schedule a time to come in and record a short 30 second - 2 minute PSA to get the word out about your club/organization/event! The video will be played between shows on the channels and be uploaded to YouTube for easy sharing wherever you’d like!

  4. Feature Length Show: The staff can help coordinate an appearance on one of the existing local shows, or the organization is welcome to create their very own special event or series in our studio! Shows are typically either 29 or 59 minutes long.

  5. One-on-one or Group Training Sessions: Encourage a volunteer or group of volunteers to get training on our easy-to-use video equipment so they can film and edit your events and preserve the memories for years to come!


During the month of September we are holding our annual Media Literacy Month, which includes events for nonprofits to come in and take advantage of some of these opportunities. We encourage anyone interested to reach out to us!

Two PSA Days!
Thursday, 9/14 from 3pm - 8pm
Monday, 9/25 from 11am - 4pm
Each organization can sign up online or via phone/email/in-person for a 30-minute slot where they’ll record a 30 second - 2 min PSA about their organization. Once the video is complete you can post it on your website and share with others, in addition to where we show it!

Two Group Training Days!
Saturday, 9/9 from 9am - 2pm
Saturday, 9/16 from 12pm - 5pm
Nonprofit groups can sign up for 1-hour blocks with either Katy (9/9) or Jen (9/16) to learn how to use the cameras in order to film future events for your group! This is a great chance to gather some interested volunteers who will be ready to go when your events come around each year. Once trained, equipment can be borrowed for free!

To sign up online, find more information here

AuthorJen Jacobs