We’re back again with our 3rd Annual Media Literacy Month! There will be some familiar programs again this year as well as some brand-new initiatives. If you’re new to Media Literacy Month at NCTV, read on to learn a bit more! If you’re familiar with our past two programs, scroll down to see what is new with this year’s events! For all, click the button below to navigate to the webpage full of dates and descriptions!


What is media literacy?
When we were all in grade school, we learned basic literacy skills: reading, writing, and the ability to analyze bodies of work. Media literacy is using the same basic principles but for the digital age! With each of us having a myriad of media experiences per day (advertisements, news, commercials, online videos, social media posts, online and printed news stories, music, podcasts...the list goes on and on!) media literacy is here to help you understand and analyze media messages. These messages are important to understand both as a consumer AND A CREATOR!


What will I learn during NCTV’s Media Literacy Month?
During our free programs, you’ll learn how to use the tools available to take a critical eye to media messages. We’ll teach methods to better source information and protect yourself online in this digital age. You’ll also learn of some marketing techniques that agencies use to convince us to purchase their products or use their services. As with everything we teach, we'll give you the tools and its up to you to use them!

What is new to this year’s program?
This year, we have a few additions to our program! First, we have new topics for workshops based on the survey that was sent out to the community. Many people requested a workshop about sourcing information (like news stories) so we worked it into our program! We are also offering two Saturday blocks for nonprofit groups to train on the consumer cameras. This is a great opportunity for nonprofits to plan ahead for when their big events come around by having a pool of people who are trained and ready to film the event!



For more information and to see the full schedule of workshops and screenings, head on over to our Media Literacy page. In addition, you can also sign up for a PSA Day slot and a Group Camera Training slot on the same page! We look forward to seeing you this September and feel free to contact us with any questions!

*Most programs are open to all ages, but please review the screening topics prior to bringing your child to ensure that you feel the content is suitable for them*

AuthorKaty Woodhams