As we all crawl back to reality after a much needed long weekend full of flags, fireworks, friends, and feasts, let’s take a moment to appreciate one of the many liberties afforded to us here in the US: Freedom of Speech.

At its core, freedom of speech affords us all the right to say what we want to say and not be censored by the government or anyone else. This freedom of speech can open a door, stir the pot, churn up the ground, and lead to real changes in the community and beyond. 

At NCTV, we take freedom of speech very seriously. You have a right to your opinion and it's our job to help you build your own metaphorical soapbox to stand on so you can shout your views to your peers. We, as an organization, are merely here as a conduit through which your opinions can be heard. We do everything in our power to teach and facilitate, without imprinting or censoring your views with our own. With that being said, ANYTHING is fair game to say in a program aired on NCTV with the exception of the following:

  • Advocate for the violent overthrow of government: Violence can get tricky quickly, but advocating for the peaceful overthrow of the federal government is a-okay!
  • Libel and slander: This can be a gray area and if you’re unsure whether something could be considered libel or slander, we are happy to talk it out with you to help you better decide.
  • Infringe on another’s copyright or anything else illegal: We can’t show or condone illegal acts and infringing on another’s copyright tends to be an easy one to forget in our industry! We’re happy to help answer questions if you have any about this topic.
  • Selling or advertising: Selling or advertising would jeopardize our status as a nonprofit. We’re happy to work with producers and for-profits to make sure they offer entertainment, information, and/or education without crossing the line into advertising.

To learn more about NCTV and the services we offer, check out the ‘services’ and ‘FAQ’ tabs on our website or give us a call! We want to give everyone the chance to have their voice heard!

AuthorKaty Woodhams