At Norfolk Community Television we try to emphasize the Community. Community is about bringing people together, whether they are Norfolk residents or from somewhere nearby. NCTV is a place for people to express their interests and unique perspectives, and the staff is here to guide with direction and technical knowledge. We appreciate our volunteers and we encourage anyone interested in dedicating some time to the organization to reach out.

Today we are taking time to acknowledge the effort of one our volunteers who goes by the name “Beef”. Beef joined us a little less than a year ago, and we are impressed with how much he has learned, and his commitment and consistency. We wanted to learn more about him, and how his experience here at NCTV has been going.

Jen: What is your background?
Beef: I am the former Vice President of IS Infrastructure and Operations for Caritas Christi Health Care Systems, 6 hospital group. Responsible for 7 data centers and all related departments. Also, I am a 6th Degree Black Belt in the art of Shaolin Kempo Karate, member of the regional Master Board, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher/Master of Masters. Have created a Wellness Group in Natick. Introduced a Stress Release class for the nursing staff that was approved for continuing education at St.Elizabeth's Medical Center.

Jen: What did you know about creating video content before NCTV?
Beef: Very little, I have been interviewed and participated in productions with a local cable station.

Jen: What brought you to NCTV originally,  how did you first discover us?
My wife wanted to do a story on a local firefighter and brought it to Norfolk Cable, after it was filmed it needed to be edited so she volunteered me!

Jen: How have you, or how do you plan to, incorporate your own interests, like Reiki and Martial Arts, into your projects at NCTV?
I have been teaching martial arts for over 30 years and taught people from all walks of life, and I thought focusing on individuals and their talents and how it relates to their martial arts or Reiki would be an interesting video project.

Jen: What are you hoping to accomplish while volunteering at NCTV?
I have learned taking raw video and making it into a visual story is interesting and not as easy as it sounds, I want to get better at doing this.

Jen: Is there anything else you would like to mention?
The people at NCTV are really great to work with.

Jen: Where can people learn more about you (website, Facebook page, etc.)?
My martial art website is and my IT website

It has been a pleasure getting to know Beef over the months, and we’re so happy to have him as part of our community. Currently he’s working on his own project, which he filmed and is finishing up editing now! We’re excited to see how he’s gone from editing footage we needed help with, to producing his own videos with minimal guidance. We expect he will only continue to improve, and we can’t wait to see what else he comes up with. Check out what Beef has edited so far!

We’re always seeking more people like Beef, who are interested in video production and have some time to volunteer. We try to create a welcoming environment where people can learn without any stress or anxiety - we believe people are their best creative selves when they are relaxed and comfortable. Even if you can only offer a couple hours here or there, we’re happy to have you! 

If you’re interested please reach out to Jen or Katy who can help you find a time to come in and tour our cozy little studio. Our contact information is here; you can email, call, text, or send a letter if that’s your thing! 

AuthorJen Jacobs