Every May, NCTV packs up a ton of equipment and heads on over to the KP Middle School to film Norfolk’s Town Meeting! With a few debated articles on the docket, we expected it to be a long one this year. It was a very well-attended event and was run very smoothly thanks to Norfolk’s Town Moderator, Jay Talerman.

One of the most exciting parts of this year’s town meeting from NCTV’s perspective was that we were able to stream LIVE on YouTube! Technology is always advancing and we discovered that we had the capability just a day before the meeting and were so excited to test it out. We had a larger than expected audience on YouTube during the live event and very much appreciated the feedback we received about the quality of the live stream! We hope to use this technology for future town meetings, too!

To watch the meeting, head on over to YouTube! It will also play back on our government channel soon.

To jump to a specific article, scroll down to the description of the video and click on the timecode next to the article.

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AuthorKaty Woodhams