Norfolk, MA may be a small town but the people have big ideas. Here at NCTV we are constantly amazed by the creativity residents bring to the station. Katy, Andrew, and I have been singing this latest production to ourselves non-stop, so we’re quite excited to share it with the world. We took some time to talk to Marissa Antosh, the talent of this video and Senior Youth Services Librarian of the Norfolk Public Library, to learn more about her and what led her to creating this.

What inspired you to create this video?
“I was captivated by the performance of Alexander Hamilton on the Grammys in February of 2016. I love musicals, especially historical ones (1776, Jesus Christ Superstar) and it was so unique. I did a Hamilton deep dive, watching all the interviews and listening to the soundtrack. I got to see the show in New York in January of 2017 and it lives up to all the hype and more.”

Did you write the lyrics yourself?
“Yes, except for the riff on the chorus is from Hamilton. There are also a few bits thrown in from Will Smith and Kanye West that I changed to fit my theme of being a librarian. I love wordplay and poetry, so it was a lot of fun to fit all the pieces together. I've never written a rap before.”

What do you do at the library (when you aren't rapping)?
“My position is Senior Youth Services Librarian. I keep an eye on all the goings-on related to kids and I primarily focus on elementary through high school students, planning programs, purchasing materials, visiting the schools, etc.”

What's your favorite part of the job?
“My undergrad degree is in English and fine art, so I like being able to put that to use. I get to be creative on a daily basis. I also love finding information for people and connecting them to things they want or need. Finally, connecting with kids and teens and (hopefully) nurturing a love of the library is a plus.”

What was the best part of creating this?
“Coming up with rhymes that fit was so fun. Rhyming ‘librarian’ with ‘Danerys Targaryen’ was a lightbulb moment. After that, I knew I had to see it through. It took a long time but it was a fun creative outlet. I also liked collaborating with one of my teens on some of the production design.”

What was the most challenging part of creating this?
“It was hard to get kids to be in the video. There are so many schedules to juggle and I tried several times to get a big group, but that didn't really work out. The kids we have in it did a great job, though.

Anything else you'd like to mention?
“Libraries are so much more than just buildings full of books, and everyone who works in a library brings something unique to the community. We have so much going on, so I encourage everyone to check out not only what we offer on the shelves, but digitally and our programming. Libraries need community support, so to quote my own song, ‘help us out, donate to your local libraries.’”

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A special thanks to Marissa the Librarian and everyone at the Norfolk Public Library - read more about the library and the services offered by visiting their website.

AuthorJen Jacobs