It’s that time again! NCTV’s Annual Meeting is coming up on April 10th at 6pm. The meeting will be hosted at our studio at 158 Main Street in Norfolk.

What is the annual meeting?
The annual meeting is a meeting of the NCTV membership that happens every April. At this meeting, members can vote in board members to represent them, changes to the bylaws can be made, volunteer of the year is announced, a wrap-up of the past year is presented, and a look forward to what is soon to come is revealed!

Why should I go to the annual meeting?
NCTV exists as an organization solely for the residents of Norfolk (and now surrounding towns!). Your voice and your vote are important to the organization and its members! 

Who is able to attend the annual meeting?
Anyone is welcome to attend! Members 18 years and older are encouraged to vote and all others are welcome to observe. 

Where can I find an agenda and supporting documents for this meeting?
Right here! This post will be updated as information becomes available. At a minimum, the agenda, secretary’s report, treasurer’s report, and proposed bylaw changes will be available before the meeting and linked in this blog post. In addition, we’ll have printed copies available on the day of the meeting.

UPDATE: Click HERE for the Annual Meeting 2017 Packet! The ED update will be provided at the meeting.

Please contact Katy ( if you have any additional questions. Hope to see you there!

AuthorKaty Woodhams