It has been a long time coming, but we are incredibly excited to have a new playback system at NCTV! Our Leightronix system served us well for around 7 years, but it was definitely time for an upgrade.

Our new system, CASTUS QuickRoll 4, can do everything our old system could do, and then some! While we know there will be some growing pains as we navigate the new world of a Linux-based system, we are jumping at the chance to make some major and much-needed improvements for your viewing experience. Check out some of the new stuff that is already implemented, some that we’re currently working on, and some that we’re hopeful to complete in the future!



Already Upgraded:

  • Stability: Our old system had a good run but was not as stable as it should have been over the past 6-months or so. With a brand new system comes a whole new level of stable playback! No more shows crashing in the middle of playback!!!
  • Can Play Any Video File: While we loved our old system dearly, it was incredibly picky about what we fed it and would crash if we messed up at all. The new system is a beautiful monster that will take any format! This means less time converting for us and more time on air for programming.
  • Faster Uploads of Programs: What this means for you, our viewers, is that programs will be on the air much sooner than ever before.
  • Dynamic Bulletin Board: Our CASTUS can display any format, and that extends to our bulletin board, too! Now you’ll be able to see the Norfolk Public Library’s slides in all their animated glory along with new dynamic video slides created by our staff. 
  • Fresh Music for Bulletin Board: Our bulletin board music is now a breeze to change, so you can expect to hear a variety of different artists as well as holiday-themed tunes under our bed of bulletins.


Short-List of Coming Soon Upgrades:

  • Online Schedule: We have a little bit of work to get this up and running, but will have a beautiful and dynamic online schedule of our programming that will auto-update every 15 minutes. This way, you can always find out when your favorite show will be on!
  • Live Indication for Meetings: We are looking to create a LIVE overlay so you know when a meeting is happening right then and there or if it has been previously recorded. It’s easy to lose track when they all look similar!
  • Coming Up Next: We now have the ability to create an auto-filled “coming up next” overlay that will tell the viewer which program is coming up after the current one they’re watching. This is an awesome feature that we’re looking to implement.
  • RSS Feeds, Overlays, Emergency Ticker: We have incredible options when it comes to overlays and feeds. We can take an RSS feed and have it scroll across the screen, update a live overlay for snow days or emergencies, and even have the date and time automatically update on screen. The possibilities are endless and we’re thrilled to explore!


Future/Potential Upgrades:

  • Bulletin Expansion: Expanding the bulletin board so there is a different one for each channel. That way, government announcements will be on the Gov channel and public/community announcements on the Pub channel. 
  • Live from NCTV Studio: We are looking into what it would take to be able to go live from our NCTV studio! Community members would be able to have live call-in shows, telethons, live community news broadcasts, and so much more. 
  • Streaming: We’re not sure how it will manifest yet, but we have heard the community’s requests to be able to view/stream our channels and live meetings outside of Norfolk. Our new system is capable of great things, and we hope to take advantage of some features to make this happen. 
  • Education Channel: Right now, Wrentham currently programs and broadcasts a KP channel for our education channel. Our old system could only handle programming 2 channels, but our new system can program up to 3. This means we have the ability to take back our education channel if we have enough programming to fill 3 whole channels. We hope to take advantage of this, but are unsure of when.
  • Higher Quality: We know this one may be a ways down the road, but our new system is scalable which means that it can handle HD. We’ll be ready if/when Comcast and Verizon agree to include our channels on cable in high definition!


Are there other features that you’d like to see on our channels? Let us know in the comments or by calling/e-mailing/coming by! We’re here for you and would love your input on all of the possibilities our new CASTUS system provides! 

AuthorKaty Woodhams