In September, NCTV will be hosting our Second Annual Media Literacy Month. Throughout the month, we'll have a variety of different events happening at the studio. Walk-in Technology Help is one of those events.

Walk-In Technology Help will be occurring twice a week during the entire month. We're always open to your questions about technology, but during Media Literacy Month, we have scheduled time in which we'll be fully prepared for anybody to come in and ask for tutorials or technology-related questions. And don't worry, we are willing to meet you wherever you are in your tech education. Questions can range from basic to advanced.

Questions we've answered/tutorials we've done in the past include:

  • - How do I turn on my computer?
  • - How do I use email?
  • - How do I copy and paste?
  • - How do I take a screenshot?
  • - How do I download apps?
  • - How do I use apps?
  • - How do I use my webcam?
  • - How do I use Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut X?

There is a nearly endless array of questions that you can ask! We will always try our best to help you so that you can continue to "Tech Yourself."

For a schedule of when our Tech Help Hours will be next month or for an overview of what Media Literacy Month is all about, go to

We look forward to helping!

AuthorAndrew Barker