When Norfolk Community Television was young, the seeds of future shows were already being planted. About twenty years ago, a program similar to Jack Hathaway's and Jim Lehan's Conversation Corner was already informing the citizens of Norfolk on NCTV. That show was called Town Hall News.

Town Hall News was a half hour program hosted by the then Town Administrator, Greg Balukonis. Once or twice a month, Balukonis would have various guests on the show. Members of the Board of Selectmen, new municipal employees, or public safety officials all made guests appearances on his show to talk about town issues. Much like Conversation Corner today, before Town Meeting, Balukonis would focus on articles in the warrant and invite guests that had knowledge on the more controversial articles.

As you can see, Greg Balukonis laid the groundwork for future programs. Even a show such as Anne Marie Battistone's State & Local, which has typically interviewed candidates that are up for town office, has followed in this same vein of local government transparency. Norfolk has been very fortunate to have a Town Administrators, Selectmen, and citizens that are willing to talk on NCTV about whatever pressing issues there might have been or might be in the future. Let's keep up this trend!

As always, we encourage anyone who would like to learn, produce, cover, or inform to come down to NCTV and make it happen like so many have in the past two decades!

AuthorAndrew Barker