In our busy and complex modern world where we are consistently surrounded by multiple forms of media, people don't always have the time to sort through all of it to find the content they truly want.  That's why NCTV is currently working to improve our YouTube viewing experience!  From now going forward, we will be using features available on YouTube to make it easier for viewers to tailor their experience and get to the content they desire more quickly.


Involvement with local government is one of the most important aspects of living in a democracy.  However, because of the non-stop lives people lead, it can be difficult to keep up with it or, at the very least, keep up with the parts that one cares the most about.  To make it easier for viewers to have access to government meetings, NCTV has a Government Meetings Playlist on its YouTube channel so users can go directly to the playlist instead of sorting through all the other videos we publish.  Also, YouTube has an amazing feature that allows the users to skip directly to a certain spot in a video.  While uploading a video, the uploader or channel can write a time-code in the description associated with a specific part in the video.  When NCTV uploads government meetings such as the Norfolk Zoning Board, we will now be putting the meeting agenda in the description of the video and tagging the exact time-code of when that specific agenda item comes up.  For example, in the Norfolk School Committee Meeting from Tuesday, June 28, 2016, a viewer can go to the description and click the time-code "43:19" to jump directly to the "Special-Ed Staffing" discussion in the Superintendent Report section.  This allows the viewer to save time, get the answers they want quickly, and only watch the parts of the video that are relevant to what they wish to see or that directly relate to them and their needs.


Similar to government meetings, NCTV will be tagging specific time-codes in our other videos whenever possible.  For the various chorus and band concerts at the Freeman-Kennedy School and H. Olive Day School, we will be tagging time-codes for when each song begins.  For community events, we will be tagging time-codes for each separate event or activity that takes place in the video.  Lastly, for shows that are produced by us or by members at the station, we will be tagging time-codes for each individual part of the episode (when applicable).  We hope that by doing this, the viewer will have an enhanced experience and go directly to the content they desire to see without wasting any time.

NOTE: If a description is long and part of it is hidden and you can not immediately see the time-code breakdown and schedule in the description of each video when going to view it, click the words "Show More" under the description, and it will expand to show you the full description with the schedule or agenda that has the time-code links breakdown!


AuthorChris Lawn