Several weeks ago, NCTV Inside gave a behind the scenes look at Leightronix and how it is the final step in getting every program onto our channels. This week, we'll take a behind the scenes look at the bulletin board and the program that runs it called Aavelin Composer.

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As a local television station, we aren't going to be running any paid advertisements for businesses, large or small. However, naturally, we do have space to fill in between shows. It is within that space that Aavelin fills with the community bulletin board. As you know, the community bulletin board is a good place for advertising free or non-profit events from Norfolk and the surrounding areas. Aavelin Composer clearly and concisely organizes the many bulletin slides.

Of course, not every bulletin is going to run on the channel forever. That's why it's great that Aavelin provides a feature for scheduling start and end dates. After selecting what image to insert into the project, one simply clicks on the "Page Properties" button and then onto the "Scheduling" tab and selects whatever dates and times that are appropriate. No need for sticky-note reminders on when to take down a certain bulletin!

Aavelin Composer also has the ability to create bulletin slides all by itself in the program. Pictures, shapes, and text can easily be added to a slide. So, if something were extremely urgent it could very quickly be advertised. Nonetheless, Aavelin is no PhotoShop, so when given the time, we like to have the type of snappy-looking bulletins that PhotoShop can give!

Whether it's an event coming up in a couple days or a long term notice about what NCTV always has to offer, Aavelin Composer simply allows us to keep bulletins on as long as they are needed. It is an invaluable program to us at NCTV and makes it easier to bring your attention to upcoming events!

AuthorAndrew Barker