Tablets have been around for quite a few years. Some people believed that tablets might spell the end for laptops, but that certainly hasn't been the case. Everybody uses their technology a little differently, so it's not so easy to say one is better than the other. Let's take a look at the differences and advantages possessed by each device.

If a lot of storage is what you're looking for, laptops have tablets beat by quite a bit. The average laptop will offer at least 500GB of power while tablets usually max out at 128GB. Furthermore, laptops have slots for SD cards and ports that can support any USB-connected drives you may have, providing even more storage if you need it. Not every tablet even has a USB port.


Most laptops start at over $500 while there are many options for tablets at under $200. Therefore, tablets are more affordable! Of course, there are exceptions. Windows and Apple have plenty of very expensive tablets, but if you're just looking for something to peruse the internet, or play a mobile game with, there are those options.

Laptops just naturally have more processing power built into them. This allows users to accomplish more in-depth tasks. For example, when it comes to serious computer gaming, no professional will want to be choosing to play on a tablet. However, tablets are still great for games such as Angry Birds. Also, video editing or photo editing is much easier to do on a laptop. Off the shelf, laptops can just handle complex tasks easier than a tablet because of its power.

Right away it's obvious that tablets have more mobility than laptops. That is a large part of why they are so popular. They can be used so much more spontaneously if you suddenly want to watch a movie, read an ebook, or listen to music in bed or on a plane. Netflix, YouTube, iTunes, or Spotify all have apps that can be easily accessed. And of course, these days, it helps parents entertain their children at a whim. The touch screen technology is a big part of it being so user-friendly and mobile. No keyboards and mice bringing anyone down!

It's hard to pick what device is better. It truly does depend on how you plan on using your device. Tablets may be cheaper and more mobile, but they can't quite handle a workload and many files like a laptop. In addition, both devices have a wide array of accessories, such as webcams, mice, kickstands, cool cases, and more!

All in all, it's up to you to decide. If you already have either device that you may want to learn more about, we'd be happy to help you here at Norfolk Community Television. Stop by the studio on 158 Main St, or call (508) 520-2780 to schedule a time for questions and training!

AuthorAndrew Barker