We are super excited about our new list of workshops for April - June! As you may know, our workshops are FREE and open to anyone (including minors when accompanied by a parent) and are held at 6:30pm on Tuesday nights right in our studio at 158 Main Street! We teach a number of different topics ranging from how to use your mobile device/tablet all the way to intricate video techniques using hardware and software alike. Aside from technology, we’ve also taught workshops on media literacy, production planning, screenwriting, and even public speaking!

One advantage to being a small station in a small town is that we can personalize our workshops to fit the needs of our students. If there’s something you want to learn more about, give us a shout and see if we or someone we know can teach it! We are unbelievably lucky to have a small group of talented volunteers who are willing to share their knowledge with their fellow volunteers/members. In the April - June schedule, we welcome back three of those volunteers and couldn’t be more excited!

April 19 - Audio Editing
Instructor: Jordan Tynes
Level: Beginner
Did you know that people are more likely to be bothered by bad audio than they are by bad video? Bathe in sound waves as we take a look into Adobe’s Audition and free audio software Audacity. These powerhouse programs can make cleaning up audio a breeze and make your videos stand out above the rest!

May 17 & 24 - Adobe After Effects Basics Part 1 & 2
Instructor: Nils Norgren
Level: Beginner
In part one of this two-part series, Nils will introduce this robust graphics editing program, give some examples of its capability, and walk through some simple tasks. Part 2 will explore the inner workings of an After Effects project and how to use the tools you learned about in part 1 to your advantage!

June 7 - Public Speaking
Instructor: Pamela Ruby Russell and Chris Lawn
Level: All
Join Pamela and Chris as they teach the basics of public speaking and its application in TV. In this class you will learn techniques to improve your speaking voice by learning simple exercises to fine tune enunciation and let go of unwanted blocks and vocal habits. An introduction to good posture as well as proper breathing and relaxation responses will help you focus your intention and increase confidence. All levels of expertise welcome.


A huge thank you to Jordan, Nils, and Pamela for agreeing to teach these awesome upcoming workshops!

As well as the workshops listed above, the NCTV staff will teach an additional 8 workshops throughout April - June. Head on over to our Workshop page to see the full list and to sign up for any of the workshops we have to offer!

AuthorKaty Woodhams