The staff got together last week to talk about the navigation bar on our website. We had received comments in the past that it was a little confusing and we decided to restructure it in order to help our community navigate it a little bit easier. In addition, we added a couple of new pages that will help keep our community informed and up-to-date on NCTV shenanigans!

Let’s go through page-by-page so you can be better acquainted with our brand new navigation bar.

  • Home: Our ‘Home’ page will bring you back to our homepage at any time. This used to be called ‘About,’ but we realized that was kind of confusing.
  • Watch (folder) - An old favorite! Hover over this folder to reveal tabs below.
    • Schedule: Use this page to see our Public, Government, and Education schedules as well as a list of times that the series that are produced at NCTV air.
    • YouTube Page: This page used to be called “Videos” and it links directly to our YouTube page. Most of our content is posted to our YouTube 1 week after it airs on our station. Government meetings are uploaded as soon as we have the files processed!
  • Connect (folder) - Our new ‘Connect’ tab has everything you need to connect with us and the community as a whole. Hover over this folder to reveal tabs below.
    • Blog: Our awesome blog found a new home in our new ‘Connect’ tab! Check it out for weekly updates and a handful of tips and tricks.
    • Newsletter: Our new Newsletter page has an archive of all of our past newsletters as well as a spot to sign up for future editions! They are sent out on the 15th of every month.
    • Bulletin: We moved our bulletin page from the ambiguous ‘More’ tab over to the new ‘Connect’ tab. Bulletins will help your nonprofit connect with our awesome and vibrant community!
  • Produce (folder) - We did away with our ‘Learn’ tab for a fresh new ‘Produce’ tab.  Hover over this folder to reveal pages below.
    • Workshops: New and intuitive location but same great list of workshops!
    • Volunteer: In a more logical location, we hope our ‘Volunteer’ calendar will thrive!
    • Kids Program: We try to keep it up to date with the really cool stuff the youth in our town have created at our programs sponsored by the Rec Dept! Our upcoming program next week is full but keep an eye out for our summer offerings!
  • About (folder) - Our newly rehabbed ‘About’ tab now contains everything else about our organization that you might want to know, including a couple of brand new pages! Hover over this folder to reveal tabs below.
    • FAQ: This brand new page will bring you all of the Frequently Asked Questions that have come across our desks. Browse through to see what you can learn about us and please let us know any additional questions that you think should be on there! Sometimes it’s hard to remember what people don’t yet know about us!
    • Services: Our familiar ‘Services’ page found a new home in our ‘About’ tab. This page will give you an overview of what we offer.
    • Staff & Board: Get to know the friendly faces of NCTV with our Staff & Board page!
    • Forms: This new page will give you access to our forms! Download and fill out a membership form or use our Storyboard forms to sketch out our next project!
  • Contact: Our tried and true contact page will give you infinite ways to contact us, show you where we are and tell you when we’re open!

Now that you know where everything is, click to your heart’s content!

AuthorKaty Woodhams