An essential part of NCTV running properly on a day-to-day basis is due in large part to the behind-the-scenes work that the Board of Directors do in terms of budget, bylaws, policy, and large purchase decisions among other functions.  Over the course of this past year, NCTV has been profiling its Board Members one-by-one to bring them from out of the shadows and introduce them to the community.  The current member in the spotlight is Reynolds Lee.  Reynolds has been on the Board and involved with NCTV since early 2014, and he was even named Person of the Year by the Norfolk Community League in 2013.  He has also recently been elected President of the Norfolk Lions Youth Soccer organization!  With a professional background in marketing and information management matched with a general passion for technology, Reynolds' input and presence has been a great addition to the NCTV family.

CL: How did you first hear about NCTV, and when and why did you first get involved?

RL: I first learned about NCTV through my involvement with Norfolk Lions Youth Soccer, because our volunteers borrow cameras from NCTV to record children’s soccer games which are then aired on the local cable network. My children range in age from 15 to over 30, so I’ve lost track of how early was my initial involvement. Over the more recent years, as I got to know the station better, I also realized that they hold evening classes on Tuesday nights for free, and I found these classes to be both entertaining and invaluable in teaching me about use of high end equipment, production work, shooting videos, and enjoying the different types of software and tools.

CL: How long have you been a board member, and what has your experience as a board member been like?

RL: I joined the board at the beginning of 2014, so it’s been a little over 2 years. The experience has been enriching and fulfilling, because of all the wonderful people at the station and on the board that I got to know and form friendships with on a deeper level. One of whom is the late board president, Jack McFeeley. Hearing his many stories about being one of the longest serving member of the Norfolk Lions Club, the antics they were up to many decades ago, how Lions Soccer was founded, how he had served as Selectman for the town a couple of times, and how his wife Jackie had been our school nurse at the Freeman for all 4 of my children.. (practically taking care of all the children who have grown up in this community); had been just both awe inspiring and humbling of how much this lovely couple has served and contributed to the community. It has also been an enriching experience to better understand all the activities NCTV has been involved with, and it’s made me appreciate much better the role NCTV represents for our town.

CL: Tell me a little bit about your personal background.

RL: I was born in the late fifties in the little far eastern country of Singapore. I attended boarding school and junior college in both Wales and London before returning to Singapore to fulfill my obligation in serving in the military for a few years. It was then that I first met my future wife, Jenny. I then returned to London to obtain my bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, before ending up in Boston for grad school to continue in the same discipline during the early 80’s. While a student in Cambridge, I found out that Jenny was then living in Queens, NY, with her family as a pre-med student. That’s when we started a long distance romance, and she has been a blessing every day in my life. We moved to the Wrentham / Norfolk community over 26 years ago, and are just as much in love with living in this community with our four children.

CL: What is your professional background?

RL: My professional background had little to do with aerospace. I fell in love working with technology and computers, and worked in the corporate world for almost 20 years in the marketing department creating strategic applications that provide meaningful information for our clients. It was in the 90’s that I had the privilege of being one of the earliest beneficiaries of telecommuting, and once I got used to the idea of being able to spend so much more time at home with my family, I could never go back to the 9 to 5 world. Over the last decade I’ve done independent consulting and contracting with financial firms, and helping small business owners and local communities take better advantage of using technology in marketing and managing of information.

CL: Congratulations on recently becoming the President of the Norfolk Lions Soccer organization!  Do you feel like your experience with the Lions has influenced your experience at NCTV and vice versa?

RL: Thank you! And yes, the experience influenced each other, because I so enjoy the opportunity to serve the community.

CL: What inspired you to choose the career path that you did?

RL: I don’t think of it so much as choosing my career path. I just make the most of taking full advantage of the turns and twists of life as it happens, and make decisions that will benefit most those that I love… my family, my God, the organizations I serve, the children in the community that I’m involved with in coaching and serving. My highest inspiration is how much God loves us, and His command for us to love Him and love one another.

CL: What, if anything, have you learned or gained from being involved with NCTV?

RL: I’ve learned about the needs and challenges in the operation of a public access “community television” organization in a rapidly evolving landscape in the world of internet and media innovations. I’ve learned to understand better what is involved in programming, and the responsibilities of a non-profit organization. Much has been gained in working together with the staff and board, getting to know how incredible and giving each individual is. I’m also learning how much there is to offer to the community through a public access station like NCTV.

CL: Do you have any ideas for the future of NCTV or anything you would like to see the station do or be involved with?

RL: The future of NCTV is to stay relevant to serving the community with rich and fun programming while providing an educational partnership with the schools and local talent pool of experts. I think that we the station have to remain innovative and creative in continuing to capture a wider audience, and we are happy to see that many of the individuals involved with the station do have those promising qualities.

AuthorChris Lawn