Keyboard shortcuts: they are quite useful tools for using while you're on your computer. They can save you a bunch of time when navigating your computer. Many times, you might find yourself going up to the dropdown menus to do something like saving, copying, pasting, etc. If that's the case, while you're there, you should check to the right of whatever option you're clicking. It should give you a combination of symbols and/or letters that indicate how to accomplish that same action simply by pressing those buttons on your keyboard. Today, we'll look at some of the most useful shortcuts.

I will be using the Mac shortcuts which use the "Command" button. If you use another type of computer, substitute "Command" with "Control."

We've all cut, copied, and pasted before. You can do it all very easily because these shortcuts are all right next to each other on your keyboard!

Cut: Command + X
Copy: Command + C
Paste: Command + V

We've also all made mistakes. Quickly forget that you ever typed that by using this shortcut.

Undo: Command + Z

In case you ever want to cut, copy, or paste an entire large piece, you can skip all the clicking and the dragging by using this shortcut.

Select All: Command + A

You'll be more likely to save more often, thus backing yourself more often up if it only takes a split second!

Save: Command + S
Save As: Command + ↑ + S

If you've ever scoured a long article on a web page just to find one particular subject, this shortcut could save you the most time. It allows you to type a word that you're looking for and then highlights that word wherever it's located within the page.

Find: Command + F

Search multiple web pages at once with tabs! You can have your Facebook conversation open on one tab and be checking your email on another! You could also open two separate windows if you'd like! Join the rest of us who have way too many tabs open at one time.

New Tab: Command + T
New Window: Command + N

There comes a time when we all have to close down everything and quit what we're doing on the computer. I'm sure by now you could guess what the combination will be for this one.

Quit: Command + Q

These are just some of the basics. There are a plethora of other interesting keyboard shortcuts that you can learn. 

AuthorAndrew Barker