What a month! The NCTV staff had a blast this September with our first ever Media Literacy Month! This was the first time we attempted a program like this and we were pretty happy with the results but also found a few flaws that we will work to improve for next year. Take a look at a recap of our events below:



We posted 7 different 2-hour blocks throughout the month where the whole staff set aside time to answer any technology-related questions from anyone who walked through the door! While we wish we had a few more people take advantage of this service, we did help a number of people with a variety of questions. Some questions included:

  • How do I check my e-mail?
  • How to I transfer files to a portable flash drive?
  • What is an SD card? What different types of SD cards are there?
  • How do I download and e-mail pictures from my iPhone or SD card?

Do you have questions like these? Even though we don’t have specific hours set up for October, you can always give us a call or stop by to ask!

We hosted a variety of workshops all geared towards Media Literacy and help with technology. See the list below with a couple relevant resources as well:

  • Media Literacy Basics: We had a great discussion about what Media Literacy actually is and how we can be responsible consumers and creators. Staff and students talked about how media has influenced us in the past and asked ethical questions such as: Is it possible to create media that is truly factual and has zero spin? Check out these resources for more info on Media Literacy: RESOURCES
  • Mobile Device Basics: This workshop’s topics were dependent on what the students wanted to know. They asked questions like: How do I e-mail an attachment from my iPad? How do I upload music to an iPod or iPhone? How do I close apps? What is the difference between forward, reply, and reply all?
  • Social Media: We learned about privacy settings in Facebook and what the difference is between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Looking at Facebook, we talked about the difference between posting on your own wall, posting on someone else’s wall, and sending them a private message in-depth. We even talked a little about Linkedin and how it is a different type of social networking. A conversation also driven by what the students wanted to learn! Simple ways to stay safe and protect your information online.
  • Clicking Trickery: Internet and e-mail scams were uncovered using real examples that our staff has received in the past. We looked at ways to tell if an e-mail is a scam or not like who it is sent by, how interactive the e-mail is, and what the content is. We learned ways to fact-check e-mails without clicking on any links inside of it to keep our computer and information safe. A great resource for learning more and staying safe can be found at www.onguardonline.gov
  • Copyright and Fair Use: We learned the basics of Copyright and Fair Use and which resulted in an in-depth discussion about how each of us interprets it a little differently. Facilitator, Jordan, presented some unique and shocking legal cases where fair use was either upheld or denied in a court and discussed how that impacts future cases. We also talked about Creative Commons and Public Domain as alternatives to using Copyrighted material under Fair Use.


Our Wednesday blog posts were tailored to Media Literacy in some way or another as well. Check out the topics below and click on each one to open up the full blog post.


We also held two screenings at our studio of films created by the Media Education Foundation. We wish these were more widely attended but we hope to generate more interest next year!

To learn more about the Media Education Foundation in general, visit www.mediaed.org.


In the interest of creating responsible media and helping our fellow non-profits get the word out about their organizations, we also hosted our first ever PSA Day where non-profits that benefit residents in the Town of Norfolk were invited to come in and film short promos for their organizations! We had a lot of fun working with some familiar friends as well as meeting a whole bunch of new people! Check out our Town Administrator’s PSA here and look out for the rest on our channel and YouTube soon!


In the middle of our whirlwind month chock-full of programs and blogs, we began talking with the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) and are proud to be one of their partners for the first ever National Media Literacy Week this November! We will run additional Media Literacy programs during the week of November 2nd - 6th along with partner organizations all over the country. To learn more about their efforts or to see a full list of their partners, visit medialiteracyweek.us or namle.net. We can’t wait!

To comment about our programs or to suggest ideas for future Media Literacy programs, fill out the e-mail form below! Anonymous comments are welcome but fill out your contact info if you’d like a response from one of our staff members.

Keep learning and creating!

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AuthorKaty Woodhams