One of our new volunteers this summer jumped right in to production at NCTV by learning the ropes of the control room and volunteering to direct and switch a few of NCTV’s shows! She also took on the task of filming all but one of the 2015 Concert Series organized by Norfolk Recreation.

We were very lucky to have Amelia volunteering with us for the summer and wondered what she thought of the experience. We jumped at the chance to interview her before she heads back to college to find out!

Beautiful sunset as Amelia films a concert on Town Hill.

Q: What is your background in video production and what brought you to be a volunteer at NCTV?

AS: My background in video production started with me helping my dad make an end of the year video that we give to our family members. The videos are made of various pictures and videos taken throughout the year. My dad was in charge of this tradition originally, but when I got older I became more and more interested in helping him. Soon I took over the tradition from him and began to realize the passion I had for video production. So I decided to pursue a career in it and was accepted to Ithaca College in the Class of 2018. After spending a year at school learning some of the basics of video production, I wanted to get some real world experience over the summer. After looking for, and not finding, an internship in video production for the summer, I decided to contact the local TV stations. I received a response from NCTV saying they would love to have me volunteer for the summer and then I made my decision.

After spending a year at school learning some of the basics of video production, I wanted to get some real world experience over the summer.
— Amelia Schneider, NCTV Volunteer

Q: What projects did you work on at NCTV over the summer and what new skills will you bring back with you to school?

AS: I helped out with quite a few in-studio shoots where I learned how to use the switcher to switch between the different camera angles. This is a skill that I hope I can use in order to do the switching for a student run news show at Ithaca College. I also filmed the concert on the common on Thursday nights. This gave me a lot more experience with filming live events that will definitely come in handy when I return to school.

Q: What is your ultimate goal in regards to working with video either as a career or as a hobby?

AS: My ultimate goal in video production is to make a career out of it. I'm interested a lot in sound and sound effects and hope to one day be a successful Foley Artist. And it has also always been a dream of mine to one day be on stage at the Oscars.

Amelia filming the first concert in this summer's series, The Bill McGoldrick Acoustic Duo feat Danielle Jean.

Q: What was your favorite part about volunteering at NCTV and what would you want to tell prospective volunteers?

AS: My favorite part about volunteering for NCTV was the freedom that it came with. I was free to come in for whatever shoots I could or couldn't make. I love how friendly Katy, Chris, and Andrew all are and how welcoming they have been since the beginning. I would tell prospective volunteers to join now. You can't lose anything by becoming a member. You can only gain some awesome friends and great memories.

We had such a great time working with Amelia this summer and expect to see great things from her during her inevitable sound effect and filmmaking career!

We hope to craft a structured internship program at NCTV in the future but in the meantime, we still welcome volunteers young and old to come by and learn anything and everything about video production, for whatever length of time you can! Whether it’s one-time, seasonal, or long-term, come by and see what we have to offer. Like Amelia said, what do you have to lose?

AuthorKaty Woodhams