On Monday night, the membership, staff, and board came together for a celebration of the hard work everyone has put in over the past year. With a plate full of goodies, we sat down in NCTV’s studio to go through the meeting’s agenda.

The short version of the meeting is that we were able to cover 144 field shoots, 111 studio shoots, and 78 government meetings thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and staff! The staff would like to extend a special thank you to Donna Jones for her willingness to volunteer to film a number of events, especially on the weekends. Thank you, Donna!

We also presented the 2014 Volunteer of the Year award to Anne Marie Battistone! Anne Marie has been an integral part of the NCTV ecosystem over the past year. She provides the viewers with a variety of content spanning from political conversations to children’s stories to crafting such as knitting, sewing, and beading. When times were tough at NCTV, Anne Marie stepped up and graciously made herself available for whatever we needed. She even found herself editing her own show, which now she secretly loves to do! She has challenged NCTV to grow and adapt. We are forever grateful for her contributions and look forward to what is yet to come. Anne Marie is a determined, talented, and intelligent member of our community and we are extremely lucky to have her as an active part of the NCTV family. Thank you, Anne Marie, and congratulations!

Due to a computer failure, we were unable to provide minutes from last year’s meeting but will take great care that we do not repeat our mistake in the future. There were no bylaw changes at this meeting.

We want to say a quick thank you to you all for being patient and understanding with us as we navigate the complicated world of our unique nonprofit!

We are looking forward to spending another great year collaborating with all of you on a variety of wonderful projects!

AuthorKaty Woodhams