On Monday, May 18, NCTV filmed the Freeman-Kennedy Advanced Band Concert and we haven’t looked back since! For the past month we have been at the Freeman-Kennedy School and the H. Olive Day School many times filming various concerts, plays, and field days. It’s been busy, but satisfying to be able to cover these fun events. Be on the lookout for when they are all airing on NCTV! Here’s a list of all school events we’ve filmed and/or will be filming!

-May 18: Freeman-Kennedy Advanced Band Concert

-May 21: Freeman- Kennedy Memorial Day Assembly & H. Olive Day Memorial Day Assembly

-May 28: H. Olive Day 1st Grade Field Day and the Freeman-Kennedy Chorus/Glee Club Evening Concert

-June 3: Freeman-Kennedy 5th Grade Field Day

-June 4: H. Olive Day Literacy Night

-June 8: H. Olive Day 1st Grade Field Day and Freeman-Kennedy 3rd Grade Field Day

-June 10: H. Olive Day 2nd Grade Wizard of Oz Play & Freeman-Kennedy 4th Grade Field Day

-June 15: Freeman-Kennedy Beginner Band Concert

-June 16: H. Olive Day 2nd Grade Field Day

-June 17: H. Olive Day Kindergarten Memory Show

-June 19: Freeman-Kennedy 6th Grade Field Day

-June 24: Freeman-Kennedy 6th Grade Promotion Day

DVD copies of any of these programs can be made per request. Copies for programs that run for under thirty minutes are $5.00. Programs that are thirty minutes to one hour are $10.00 for the first copy. And programs that run for over an hour cost $15.00 for the first copy. Any additional copies cost $5.00 no matter how long they are!

AuthorAndrew Barker