The King Philip Middle School was buzzing last night just before the start of Norfolk’s Annual Town Meeting. With 28 Articles up for discussion, it could have easily been a two night ordeal. Moderator Jay Talerman did a great job once again by keeping the conversations moving and wrapping up the meeting around 10:30pm.

Of the 28 articles in the warrant, only one did not pass (Article 27) and two were postponed (Articles 10 & 24).

In the past, NCTV has recorded the Town Meeting to our three individual cameras and then mixed the cameras and edited in the powerpoint slides and titles afterwards. This year, however, we were able to take our brand new switcher for a spin and record live to tape! It took a lot of pre-production planning to get title screens ready to go and some help from Town Administrator, Jack Hathaway, to get the powerpoint slides in advance but the night went off without too many issues and we are in the process of converting and uploading the meeting now! With our old way of doing things, it would have taken a week or so to get the meeting finished and ready but we should have this Tuesday’s meeting up and ready by Thursday!

Huge thank you’s go out to the KP Drama Department for letting us take a feed from their audio board for microphones, to Wrentham Cable Access for allowing us to borrow one of their NX5 cameras, and to Jack Hathaway for sending along the Town Meeting slides beforehand so we could prep and load them in to our switcher. Teamwork makes the dream work!

All and all it was a productive and informative meeting! Look for the replay on our government channel (Comcast 22, Verizon 42) and YouTube later this week.

AuthorKaty Woodhams