MassAccess is a multi-faceted organization that supports and unites community media centers across Massachusetts and we are lucky to have access to their abundant resources. They are both our safety net and our trampoline, providing us with the basic framework to keep our organization strong as well as workshops and networking opportunities to continually challenge us to push the envelope and learn new things. Not only do they support and encourage access stations across the state, they also keep tabs on relevant legislation and help to educate the masses about the importance and necessity of community access centers.

On Monday, MassAccess held their Spring Conference out in Springfield, MA at the Basketball Hall of Fame and a few representatives from NCTV made it out there for their workshops and networking opportunities. With three workshop sessions each containing three choices, sometimes it’s hard to pick which one to go to! We each made our choices and reconvened at the NCTV studio yesterday to talk about our new knowledge and what it means for NCTV.

We learned some tips and tools for better lighting, got to participate in roundtable discussions about classes and how to encourage volunteers to get involved, talked a bit about the challenges and successes of film festivals, as well as some best practices when it comes to capturing audio. We have some fresh new ideas thanks to the hosts, moderators, and participants at the conference and we can’t wait for the next one!

NCTV's Vice President sinking a shot during the free throw contest!

Members and non-members can attend MassAccess conferences to soak up the wealth of information available. Keep an eye on their website for future opportunities and while you’re there, take a look at the history of community media that they put together. A huge thank you goes to the MassAccess board and especially NewTV’s Melida Garfield for putting this awesome conference together!

Oh, did I forget to mention that our VP, Jill Hindley Lawrence, placed 4th in the free throw contest? Great work, Jill!

AuthorKaty Woodhams