Last March, we wrote a blog post called “Video to Go” that talked about simple filming techniques with a mobile device and what was true back then is even more true now! We now have even more high-tech options for video recording such as slow motion and time lapse videos as well as easier options for audio recording (try out a set of headphones that has a microphone built in to the wire for starters).

Screenshot from Adobe's Premiere Clip app

Best of all, we now have mobile versions of industry leading editing software right in our pockets, and sometimes for free! Each year, I’m continuously impressed with what the video industry is doing to arm the everyday user with the tools they need to create their own videos. Coming from the public platform of free speech that is community TV, we couldn’t be happier to have these tools in the hands of our community members! 

Screenshot of iMovie's mobile app

Mobile video editing platforms aren't quite as robust as their computer counterparts but they certainly get the job done on the go! Check out the video above to see how we turned our ordinary surroundings into a cool video for our Mobile Videography workshop this past Tuesday! This particular video was shot on an iPad and edited in Adobe's Premiere Clip. 

These creative editing tools allow you to combine videos, photos, audio, and titles on the fly. Some of the apps have some sample audio tracks included in the software that you can utilize or you can use your own music. We recommend downloading some copyright free songs to use in your videos so they can be shared widely without infringing on anyone's copyright. 

Take a spin through some of the video editing app options and share your struggles and triumphs with us in the comments below! We're happy to help you figure it out if you get stuck so go have fun and keep us on speed dial!

AuthorKaty Woodhams