It is with overwhelming sadness that I write to inform the membership and community of the death of NCTV’s Board President, Jack McFeeley. 

Jack always said he was “in the people business” and I’ve never found that to be more true than when Jack volunteered for another term on NCTV’s board of directors back in April 2013. Jack had been involved with NCTV starting back in 1989 and served many positions on the board during his 9 years with the organization. In 2013, he knew we needed help and decided to, once again, invest his time and energy in one of many organizations he believed in. Jack handled every situation at NCTV with honesty, integrity, and empathy. 

Anyone who knew Jack knew he loved to talk and to tell stories. I bet I could recite a few almost verbatim from his days at Polaroid or as a Town Administrator. His stories always had a purpose and I was constantly impressed that he usually remembered the purpose for telling the story by the time he got to the end, a skill I have yet to master.

Some of Jack's accomplishments are tangible, like the town clock or the roundabouts, both of which he talked about with an immense amount of pride. Others are less seen and more felt. The lessons I have learned from Jack over the past two years are vast, but the ones that stick with me most are the following: always be honest, do the best you can, don’t be afraid to ask for help — and last but certainly not least — invest in people. 

Jack presenting an award at NCTV's 1997 Cable Awards. 

Jack presenting an award at NCTV's 1997 Cable Awards. 

Jack’s impact reached far beyond NCTV but I’ll let the Lions, town government, and a host of other organizations tell their own stories about Jack. His loss has been felt across the town and his influence won't be one we soon forget. 

Join us in remembering Jack by posting a comment below with your own memories of your time spent together. In the coming months, NCTV plans to put together a memorial video commemorating Jack's service to and support of the town and it's many organizations and we can certainly use your help. 

Thank you, Jack, for all the work you put in to NCTV, for investing in us, and for investing in me. 

Details on services for Jack can be found at the following link: Jack McFeeley

AuthorKaty Woodhams