With the dawn of 2016 just on the horizon, we here at NCTV would like to take a moment to reminisce and reflect on the year we are saying "Goodbye" to.  2015 was, overall, definitely a year of transformation in more ways than one, and we invite you to join us for a look back at some of the memories, as well as some of the changes, that took place over the course of the year:

One of the biggest changes at the start of the year occurred among the NCTV Staff and Board of Directors.  For the staff, Katy Woodhams was promoted from Production Coordinator to the Executive Director position at the end of 2014, Andrew Barker was officially hired as the Programming Coordinator, and Chris Lawn joined the team in February as the new Production Coordinator!  With the grievous passing of Jack McFeeley (may he rest in peace), Pamela Ruby Russel became the new Board President and Jill Hindley Lawrence took over as Vice President.  The board also welcomed new additions Jeff Chalmers, Jordan Tynes, and Alvaro Tobar!

NCTV also upped its online presence and social media game.  On top of our regular Facebook and YouTube pages, we have also joined the ranks of Twitter and Instagram this year in an effort to get our name out there and connect more with the public.  In the process, we launched a new set schedule of our regular shows, which you can check out on our Schedule Page.  We also improved the look and user interface of our NCTV Blog AND created weekly themed blog articles to keep our audiences informed and engaged.  "This Week At NCTV" provides a weekly summary of station news, productions, and events.  "Tech Yourself" explores a variety of media-related topics and trends in technology and new gadgets.  "NCTV Inside" takes an intimate look at the inner workings of the station and profiles the people, events, and systems that keep us running!

We officially bid farewell to our second studio location at the Freeman-Kennedy Elementary School, and we truly appreciate everyone involved with helping to make the transition smooth.  We would also like to thank the school and the staff for the years we did inhabit the studio, and we continue to enjoy our relationship with them now as we work with them to cover events taking place at the school.



We gave ourselves an image makeover by working closely with a consultant to create our NEW LOGO, which we are extremely pleased with!








We welcomed two Stop-Motion Camps, in July and August respectively, and both were a blast for the kids AND the staff!



For new technology, we purchased and installed our New Studio Switcher to use in our studio shoots and our larger field shoots such as Freeman-Kennedy Grade 6 Promotion Ceremony and the Norfolk Special Fall Town Meeting, and it has been a dream.  We also bought a new iPad Air, which we can use to take pictures, cover events happening at the studio, and accept credit card payments for DVD copies and donations via Square.

We successfully hosted our first ever Public Service Announcement Day, and we are grateful for all of the individuals and groups that got involved and helped to make it a fun and memorable time, including the Good Tymes Banjo Band, the Norfolk Department of Public Works, the Norfolk Girl Scouts, the Norfolk Cultural Council, the Garden Club of Norfolk, Norfolk Affordable Housing, the Norfolk Senior Center, and the Purr-fect Cat Shelter!

We welcomed new young talent in the form of Amelia Schneider, a college student who volunteered with us over the summer and helped out with filming events, and Steven Olaska, the host of our newest series Norfolk Late Nite.


We hosted our first ever Media Literacy Month in September, which caught the eye of the National Association for Media Literacy Education, who liked it so much they encouraged us to host a Media Literacy Week in November!





We ended the year with a slew of holiday programming and a special Holiday Screening of classic Christmas films.




Lastly, a big giant THANK YOU to: the NCTV Board of Directors for their guidance overseeing everything (and keeping us employed!), former board member Barbara King for her many years of service and contributions to the station, our Senior Meeting Producer Christina Gleason for all of the hard work that she does filming and keeping us up-to-date on our local government meetings, and to NCTV member Donna L. Jones for all of the much-appreciated volunteer work that she does covering local events, producing media for our channels, and providing assistance in many forms.

We look forward to seeing all of you in 2016 and working with you to make next year even better than this one!

AuthorChris Lawn