Doug Williams of Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary during the 2015 Duck Derby. Filmed by Donna L. Jones with NCTV's GoPro and raft!

GoPro cameras are known for being small, affordable, and durable. They can soar to great heights or fit into the smallest of spaces. Athletes and adventurers can utilize their lightweight and (sometimes) waterproof abilities to capture their latest move or their highest trek. Filmmakers utilize their mountable magnificence to grab interesting angles or (with assistance from a flying friend) budget aerial shots. Underwater enthusiasts can pop the camera in its waterproof housing and dip to depths that were only before seen through expensive lenses and even more expensive waterproof housing equipment.

Getting ready for snowpocalypse 2015.

HOD Second Grade Skate 2015

These mountable mavericks find adventures in the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I’ve even seen a video of one traveling out to space and surviving the trip back down to earth! While we don't exactly let you take ours to space and back, there are still plenty of opportunities to utilize this powerhouse camera back on land (or water).

The GoPro at NCTV had it’s maiden voyage on water at the Duck Derby where the GoPro sat on its own custom raft made out of pool noodles and coat hangers. It also took a dip in Liz Davey’s coy pond last spring to check out the progress of her fish. Luckily we have a floaty backdoor for the waterproof housing that makes sure our swimming friend doesn’t fall in too deep. Back on land, it stood at attention last February during the first snowpocalypse of 2015 before making the rounds on the ice at last year’s Second Grade Skate. Special thanks to the HOD gym teacher who wore the chest harness on the ice! Our Gopro watched over our very first PSA Day this past September and it’s most recent adventure was seeing Santa greet the children of Norfolk after this year’s Santa Parade.

The options are limitless and we have some tools available for you when you check out our GoPro to help assist in your awesome adventures. Check out what our inventory includes:

  • GoPro Hero 3+ Camera

  • Underwater housing with changeable regular backdoor and floaty backdoor

  • Frame housing (not waterproof but allows access to ports for long time-lapse situations)

  • Wireless remote (alternatively, a smartphone can be used to connect wirelessly)

  • Chest harness mount (adult size)

  • Bike handle mount (adjustable size)

  • Backpack battery and extended backdoor for underwater housing (extends battery life)

  • Tripod mount (universal mount for use with tripod, monopod, and many other mounts)

  • Suction cup mount (mounts securely to glass)

  • Clamp mount (securely clamp to many surfaces)

  • Raft (used in conjunction with a small gorillapod)

Call or stop by to schedule a training session with our fantastic friend and take the GoPro on some cool new adventures in 2016!

As always, call, e-mail, or stop by with any questions! We’d love to hear your ideas!

AuthorKaty Woodhams