Confused about what NCTV does? Don't worry, it took us a while too. We put together a list of questions we've heard from our viewers or community members to help clarify a few things. 

We are going to make the FAQ page a permanent page on our website so please submit other questions you have at the bottom!



What is NCTV?
NCTV is a not-for-profit community TV station. We provide access to and training on high quality video and audio equipment for any Norfolk resident. Residents can borrow equipment to film outside events or come in to the studio and use our in-house equipment to record a show in the studio.

What costs are associated with membership and equipment usage?
NONE! All of our membership, training services, and equipment usage are absolutely FREE! 

What kinds of videos can be shown on NCTV?
All videos played on NCTV must be not for profit. This means that we are not able to advertise for commercial businesses or for-profit ventures. The content of each show is at the discretion of each individual producer. If the station deems the content unsuitable for children, it will be played in safe harbor (10pm - 6am). 

What kind of training is available?
We have weekly workshops on a wide range of topics. We are also more than happy to set up small group training sessions or one-on-one sessions. Just e-mail or call to set up a time! Interested in learning a topic that isn't on our list? Give us a call and ask if we are able to teach that subject. If we know someone who knows how to do it, we're happy to set up a workshop or one-on-one session about it! 

How do I check out equipment?
Call or e-mail NCTV to reserve equipment up to two months in advance to make sure it is ready for you. Equipment usage is first come, first serve so the longer you wait, the higher chance there is that someone is already using the equipment you want. Any Norfolk resident can check out our small consumer cameras by completing a quick 5 minute training when they come to pick up the camera but some of our more advanced equipment requires previous training. Make sure you have the right training for the equipment you want to use prior to picking it up! When you come to pick up your equipment, you'll be asked to sign a simple form stating that you take responsibility for the equipment while it is in your possession. 

Can NCTV film my event?
Our purpose is to train community members to be able to film their own events. Staff members film a handful of events but are not widely available for all events. Please don't let this discourage you because we are happy to train volunteers and our consumer cameras are extremely user friendly! We will provide the tools you need to capture a fantastic video of your event!

Do I have to produce my show at NCTV's facility to have it aired on the channels?
No! You are free to create your show wherever works for you and we're happy to show it on the appropriate channel(s). 

How do I get my show on NCTV?
That's easy! If you create your show here, we've already got that covered. If you produce it outside of NCTV, simply bring us a digital file or a DVD and we will convert it to the right format for our playback system.

How is NCTV funded?
NCTV is funded by cable subscribers. A small percentage of the cable portion of each subscriber's bill is donated to NCTV by each cable company (Verizon and Comcast).  

Can I get a DVD copy of a program I saw on NCTV?
Probably! We happily sell copies of programs for which we have permission. If we air a program from another town, we will not copy their work but will direct you to the source. For our own programs, the cost per DVD is as follows: $5 for any program 30 minutes and under, $10 for a program 31 minutes to an hour, and $15 for any program over an hour. We accept cash or check made payable to NCTV.

Can I watch NCTV if I don't subscribe to cable?
You won't be able to watch through your TV service but most of our videos (including government meetings) are on our YouTube page for on demand viewing. Some programs may not be online at the request of the producer or parent but the majority of our shows end up on YouTube!

How old do you have to be to join NCTV?
All ages are welcome at NCTV! Minors are required to have a signed parental consent form prior to using the facility or equipment and parents should plan on coming with your child to NCTV workshops or shoots. We train volunteers young and old so don't let your age stop you!

Who can join NCTV?
Any Norfolk resident can join NCTV by filling out a simple membership form. No experience is necessary!

What equipment does NCTV have for the public to use?
All of NCTV's cameras are HD. We have small consumer cameras that are simple to use as well as larger more professional cameras for users who are interested in having more control over their production. We also have a GoPro camera which is small enough to fit into tight spaces and durable enough to accompany you on a few adventures! Our studio is also fully equipped. To learn more specifics about the equipment we have, please call or stop by! 


Do you have questions that aren't in this list? Tell us! Odds are someone else is asking themselves the same question! Please submit your questions to the right or contact us directly. You're more than welcome to submit questions anonymously or to fill in your contact info so we can respond to your question personally! 

AuthorKaty Woodhams