Just moments ago, NCTV launched a new page on our website! Our VOLUNTEER page now has a prominent home in our menu bar hoping to draw in volunteers to see what is happening in the community. This list includes outside shoots like the Stony Brook Fall Fair and the Haunted Train Ride as well as in studio productions right here at NCTV. Click on the name of the event to see more information like where the event is held and notes from the organization or NCTV. Add them to your calendar right then and there so you don't forget!

Volunteer right on the spot by filling out the simple form on our Volunteer page. When we receive your submission, we will promptly contact you to talk about the details of the event as well as schedule any necessary training to make sure you're up to date and comfortable when the date rolls around! We are always here for help or questions so don't hesitate to contact us.

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If you're a volunteer, check out our list of upcoming shoots of which you can be a part. If you're an organization leader, tell us about your upcoming event and we will put it on our list for all of our volunteers to see!

AuthorKaty Woodhams