It's that time again! Our new workshop list is up and ready for July - December 2014! This upcoming session, we've included a couple of really cool new workshops. As always, workshops are FREE and open to any Norfolk resident. Kids (under 18) are welcome as well with parental supervision. 

All workshops are held on Tuesday nights starting at 6:30pm and will run no later than 8:30pm. 

Our new workshops include:

Beginner Editing with Adobe Premiere - Check out Adobe's powerhouse editing program in this beginner class. We will start from scratch by going over the interface as a whole, taking a look at the tools, and beginning to cut together a short piece. All skill levels are welcome! 

Advanced Editing Techniques with Adobe Premiere - We will dig a little deeper in this class to uncover some of the more advanced features of Adobe Premiere Pro such as editing audio, applying effects, using keyframes to adjust effects, and much more. A basic knowledge of Premiere is preferred but not required.

Creating Slideshows with iMovie - Learn to use Apple's consumer editing program (which is often included on Mac computers) to create beautiful slideshows for that special event or to remember your favorite vacation. Although we will be focusing on iMovie, the skills you learn can be applied to most editing programs (Windows Movie Maker, for example). Bring your computer and photos if you can and follow along! No experience necessary!

Creative Sessions with NCTV - Get to know our equipment with a focus on specific upcoming events. Is there a concert coming up? Learn to properly place microphones or tie in to the existing sound system. Have a presentation at the library in the near future? See what a difference a lavaliere microphone makes in the audio quality. Specific training for specific events! No experience necessary!

Lighting with Available Light and Household Lamps - Lighting can be tricky and often requires heavy and cumbersome lights to get it right. In this workshop, learn how to use existing light in your home or outside to maximize light with minimal equipment. No experience necessary!

Audio Editing for Video - Learn how to record different sources (external microphone, direct line in from an audio mixer, on board microphone) on different audio channels and mix them together in post. Utilize keyframe to adjust smaller sections of your audio clip and effects to boost or stylize your audio. No experience necessary!

Advanced Camera for Event Coverage & Mic Placement - In these two sessions, learn the best practices for camera and microphone placement for different types of events in town. No experience necessary! 

Basic Stop Motion Animation with iStopMotion - Learn the basics of stop motion utilizing the program iStopMotion and our DSLR camera. It can be a lot of fun! No experience necessary! We are also holding a camp for middle school kids this July on the same topic so all ages can get involved!

Our regular classes such as Studio Production, Basic & Advanced Camera, Basic Editing in iMovie, and more are also being offered this session. Is there something you'd like to learn that you don't see on our list? Let us know! We're happy to add extra sessions or have one-on-one workshops. If you can't make a session but are still interested in learning, we can also schedule a separate time for you to come in and learn one-on-one. 

There is no experience necessary for any of our workshops, we are happy to teach community members at all skill levels! If there is a lack of interest, some workshops may be cancelled so please sign up in advance!

Happy learning!

AuthorKaty Woodhams