NCTV member, Kevin Gleason, has been involved since 2005 and started working on his highly successful show, On Your Computer, at NCTV in January of 2013. This show is geared towards seniors and others who may need some assistance with technology. In Kevin's first episode, he jumps right in (literally) and shows us the important inner workings of a computer so we better understand how it functions. Throughout his 8 episodes, Kevin introduces both basic computer skills as well as more advanced topics and safety tips such as creating secure passwords for your internet accounts and how to spot an e-mail hoax. His shows are seen across the country on 75 (and growing) different public access stations.

Kevin challenged the staff at NCTV to try new techniques like green-screening himself into a computer and to conduct interviews via Skype. He was always encouraging the people around him to do the very best they could and was eager to lend a hand. Kevin crewed numerous productions at NCTV and was named co-volunteer of the year in 2013 for his dedication to and progress at NCTV. 

Kevin was also on our board of directors and during those 7 short months, he never stopped working. He was immensely passionate about progress at NCTV and he gave it everything he had. 

Kevin passed away in November 2013 and in January 2014, he gave NCTV one final gift. Kevin donated his 27' iMac to NCTV. This extremely generous donation from Kevin and his family allows our station manager to have a functional edit system where he can be free to create videos as well as more efficiently work on daily tasks. It also allows for the laptop that Dan had been using to be repurposed for teaching. Kevin had a passion for education and he has helped us free up a portable system that is perfect for class demonstrations and work in the field. Kevin's powerhouse iMac stands proud in our control room, taking on the daily tasks of editing and converting while always at the ready to capture the images of our friends in the studio. 

Kevin's influence in Norfolk didn't stop at NCTV. He has been involved with the Norfolk Senior Center for years teaching computer classes to seniors. The Friends of the Council on Aging purchased 3 new computers in Kevin's honor and at the March 27th dedication, it was dubbed "Kevin's Corner". 

Kevin will be remembered at NCTV as a passionate Member at Large on our board of directors, as an active producer creating programming he was deeply involved in, as an education advocate, and as a friend. 

We will always honor Kevin at NCTV by doing the best we can, by pushing the boundaries of our knowledge, and by teaching every chance we get. 

AuthorKaty Woodhams