Last week we had 7 talented middle school aged students from surrounding towns at our Middle School Kid's Program run through Norfolk Recreation. Our group was a little camera shy so we called in some of our wonderful members to be the talent while the students learned camera operation, switching, directing, audio, and floor directing. 

During the week, our students were the whole crew for four outside shows! Member Anne Marie Battistone came in to do two episodes of Stories to Explore along with an episode of The Beading Show. Local artist Tina Addison did a quick tutorial on how to make simple duct tape wallets. Thank you to both Anne Marie and Tina for being our on-air talent for the week! 

After warming up a little bit, the kids decided to do two short segments of their own! The first was an interview with student Jake about his zombie TV show that he is creating outside of camp. The second was a gossip column where two of the ladies talked about what's going on with some of the celebrities right now. 

We also spent some time setting up the green screen and playing with the composite as well as the chroma green tape and extra chroma green fabric we have. The fabric makes a great invisibility cloak! The tape makes it easy to mask out something and make it look like something is missing (like a finger for example!)

All and all we had a great week with the kids and hope to see them back again! 

Check out their work here: (links will be updated when the programs are finished!)
NCTV Middle School Kid's Program: The Apocalypse
NCTV Middle School Kid's Program: Gossip Column
Time with Tina: Simple Duct Tape Wallets
Stories to Explore – Episode 8
Stories to Explore – Episode 9
Beading with Anne Marie - Episode 3 [UPDATE: New show title and episode number]

Students Skylar and Emma stand in as talent while the other students learn cameras and control room operation. 

Seamus at the controls.

Local artist Tina Addison stopped by to make simple duct tape wallets.

NCTV is mixing it up a little bit this summer with TWO BRAND NEW Middle School Kid's Programs! The programs are run through Norfolk Recreation so you'll be able to sign up once their Spring/Summer registration opens. Check out the descriptions below!

NCTV Field Production Program
Ages 12+
Instructor: NCTV Staff
Week 3: July 7 – 11
TIME: Monday – Friday 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Take to the wild with our weeklong field production course! During this week, we will learn all about field production including cameras, boom pole operation, wireless microphones, interviewing skills, wildlife videography, and editing. Two days during the week, drop off and pick up will be at Norfolk’s own Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary and we will film critters and experts alike in order to craft a documentary style video back at NCTV on the remaining 3 days. No experience necessary!

Location: 3 days at NCTV Studio (158 Main Street), 2 days at Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary (108 North Street) (days of week at each location TBD based on weather)
Maximum Participants: 5
Fee: TBA

NCTV Stop Motion Animation Program
Ages 12+
Instructor: NCTV Staff
Week 7: August 4 – 8
TIME: Monday – Friday 1:00pm – 3:00 pm

Bring your imaginations to our weeklong stop motion animation program this summer! During this program, you will learn storyboarding and planning, set design and creation, stop motion animation techniques, filming, sound effect creation, and basic editing. At the end of the week, you will have a program (or two!) to air on our channels at NCTV. No experience necessary!

Location: NCTV Studio at 158 Main Street
Maximum Participants: 5
Fee: TBA

AuthorKaty Woodhams