NCTV is always on the lookout for volunteers but right now, there is a special need for volunteer editors to work behind the scenes! There are many programs that have been filmed and need to be touched up before they are ready to be broadcast on our channels and YouTube.

 Sample of editing done in Adobe Premiere CS6. 

Sample of editing done in Adobe Premiere CS6. 

Have no fear if you've never edited before, we're happy to teach you how from the very beginning. We have a variety of editing programs including Adobe Premiere CS6, Final Cut Pro 7 and Final Cut Pro X. If you're starting from scratch or you know one but want to learn another, you'll get hands on experience editing a real program! As always, we're here to answer any and all questions along the way. 

To set up an editing session or to ask questions, please call or e-mail NCTV!

If you're interested in filming events, check out the volunteer section of our website. 

Any help is greatly appreciated!

AuthorKaty Woodhams