Media Literacy Month 2016

We’re back again with the Second Annual Media Literacy Month! During the month of September, we will delve into a variety of topics with the aim of learning, growing, and conversing about media and how to be responsible creators and consumers. We have a variety of different topics and sessions! Check out the general descriptions below as well as the calendar of events to see what’s coming up. Download your own printable PDF schedule here or scroll down to see the dynamic Google Calendar schedule!



We’ve created and selected workshops that will encourage you to look at the media you create and consume with fresh eyes, keep you and your family safe from scams, help cut through the red tape of privacy settings, and help better understand intellectual property and the nuances that go along with copyright.


Public Service Announcement (PSA) Day

With all of your newfound knowledge about media, it’s time to create some of your own! PSA Day is aimed at nonprofit organizations to help share your mission and events with the public. PSAs will be played on our channels as well as uploaded to YouTube for easy sharing! To sign up for a 20-minute time-slot, e-mail Production Coordinator Chris Lawn at or call the station at 508-520-2780. Don’t worry if it’s your first time, we’ll walk you through it! Check out the time-lapse from last year!


Technology Help

While we’re always willing to help sort out technology questions, we have 9 different 2-hour blocks set aside during September for walk-in questions and tutorials! Come with questions and/or devices that you want to learn more about and we will help on a first-come, first-serve basis. We can help with simple and more complicated questions so nothing is off-limits, as long as we can figure out what the solution is! See schedule below.



There will be two screenings in September that will help stimulate the conversation around a variety of topics such as fact-checking information you see or hear, how to spot bias in the media, and challenging our perceptions based on new types of information. The titles are TBA right now but this page will be updated with the titles once they have been chosen!